Adding Jobs, Removing None

Marty’s a tough guy to describe in one sentence. The list of professions on his business card literally ends with a comma. At the moment he’s a carpenter, mason, musician, guide on Denali, and host of Discovery’s Homestead Rescue. He’s basically been adding jobs since he started logging in Oregon as a kid and hasn’t stopped any yet.

I heard about Marty through a friend’s mild obsession with Ultimate Survival Alaska, where he infamously dealt with a 200lb fish in a very small boat. After reading his bio and seeing the reverence with which he spoke of his family and work, he seemed like a great guest for the show. We spent an above average amount of time talking about Marty’s family, their pursuits, and how he thinks about it all as a business owner, husband, and father.

As someone who’s jumped into several professions, Marty offers sage advice on starting new jobs, shaping your career, and standing out among all the others who are also just getting started.

Thanks to Marty Raney, Mimi O Chun, and our sponsor MailChimp.