7: Wine & Design Founder, Harriet Mills

After being fired from her corporate job and with a new six-month old, Harriet Mills needed to find work, fast. So she did the logical thing: headed for the local "paint-and-sip" studio, had a few glasses of wine, and took a painting class. At the end of the class, she had a pretty decent painting and the inspiration for a new business: Wine & Design.

Today, Wine & Design is one of the largest paint-and-sip franchisors in the country, with 62 locations and plans to get to 100 by next year. They started out small, in 2010, with one location and an $8,000 loan. Through Groupon, Facebook, and some local media coverage, they gained immediate interest, and in 2011 they opened their second store. From there, they started franchising and have continued to grow. Hear about Harriet's first job (a lemonade stand), how she used to find artists, and what she is doing to ensure the long term success of Wine & Design. 

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